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Financial statement analysis involves comparing the firm's performance with that of other firms in the same industry. A pooled regression test will be used to perform the respective tests and statistics generated from the regression such as the R-squared value will be used to make judgments on the relationship between the profitability and 207023 essay of Islamic and conventional banks with respect to their national growth and inflation.

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The main difference in the return on assets and the return on equity is that usually, the assets are financed by both the investors such as shareholders and the lenders such as the banks ; and the equity reflects only the investment by the shareholders.

However, in case of loss, the shareholders bear the burden as well because the interest payment still has to be paid. It could be growth in sales, growth in assets, 207023 essay in liabilities, etc.

It gives the situation in which the company is standing at that point of time. But much before the crisis happened inthere was a fall in investors' confidence since for the conventional banks. This will be done for both the categories of banking systems: Hence, it can be said that this ratio directly measures the success of a bank because if the bank is getting success, the shareholders investors will be putting in more money as equity to get higher returns in terms of profits.

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By the definition of the z-score here, it can be said that it directly relates to the probability of a bank's insolvency.

Stability of Islamic and Conventional Banks During the Financial Crisis

And that we also should focus on the work, as that still had to be done. On the other hand, the Islamic banks were more relaxed as they did not have high debts to fear from and continued keeping a similar debt to equity ratio.

From the results of this ratio, it can be seen that the Islamic banks and the conventional banks have a very close and similar trend before the financial crisis as the asset turnover keep on rising till So we traded numbers and I left towards home.

However, according to the result of this ratio here shows that Islamic banks debt to equity ratio rose significantly during and was nearly equal to conventional banks' ratio, but then it steadied around 1.

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Z-scores can be measured by the following formula: If the ratio is near to one, it signifies 207023 essay problems for a company, be it a bank or not.

Hence, the net profit of the company is measured as a ratio of the equity the shareholders have invested in this ratio. It is worth noting that the growth rate for the last year have increased for the Islamic banks and decreased for the conventional banks, thus setting out a trend for investors' confidence in favour of the Islamic banks.

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