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Refer to them by name. People engage the most of Facebook when they feel connected to one another and understood by their audience.

How to Comment on a Page as Myself Not an Admin on Facebook

But is that possible if your comments are lame? Did you know they have a co-worker named Mr. Write a funny or interesting new comment on that picture. It's difficult to control who can see your Facebook photo comments, but understanding where comments appear may help you to use appropriate caution when you post.

Amanda Formaro demonstrates this perfectly in her succinct comment about email subscribers. Your comments and likes on Facebook are shared with different audiences depending on the privacy setting of the original post.

It comes across as a cheap attempt to peddle your lemonade on their lawn. If your friend's photos are publicly visible, anyone can see your comment. Chances are, you like them. Am I showing you this screenshot to brag?

Contribute To The Discussion If you want the attention of influencers and blog owners, your comment should add to the conversation. What is the motivation, and what are we hoping to get out of the experience? Blog owners love that. Repeating What the Post Just Said Ever had a date where the other person repeated everything you said?

In MarchFacebook introduced replies to comments for all pages -- and some profiles. Whenever any comments are made. It's not like the option doesn't appear. Let me show you what it looks like -- pay attention to the yellow, red and blue circled threads: What about teens and Facebook privacy?

Know what else takes time? Here is a snippet: Brittany Bullen After a successful first date, each person is usually looking for a clue that that the other enjoyed themselves and that a second date might be in the cards. Did it rock your world? Yes, there is lots of spam happening on facebook.

In the blogging world, this kind of parroting is a re Pete Comment. If you do, a story about your activity will be eligible to appear on Facebook, including on your timeline profilein News Feed and in ticker. Would you like Darren RowsePamela Wilsonand other blogging icons to share your posts with their followers?

In addition to this, I cannot comment on any of these things either. On average, users changed their mind about 4. You adore Mexican food? The more engaging the discussion, the more Facebook will reward you with greater visibility.

The person who left the comment will get a notification about the Like -- which could lead to them adding more comments It creates a "Ticker" story about Post Planner or myself Liking a comment Just like people love to add their input on a post, they also love getting props from the page they comment on.

You can also add the email address of the person you want to see the message. Click Reply and type your reply. Funny or controversial images will usually garner the most comments.I can see his wall and his profile, and comments on items in his profile.

But I cannot comment on those items. Our mutual friends can, though. the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Visit Stack Exchange.

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Like -Comment Share 5 hrs If you tell me that man and woman are defined by their chromosomes only and there are only two choices for a person, XX or XY, because that's how your God made humans then I have some sobering news for you: your God is very small and unimaginative Try having a God that is all powerful and revels in diversity instead Comments 13 Shares Comment Share DIyan, your.

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“Like” the picture or one of the comments that somebody made on the picture. Write a funny or interesting new comment on that picture.

Facebook drops the comment button, allows users to edit replies

Now sit back and watch what happens. Usually you would see like, comment and share at the bottom of everyone's post. Currently all I see is share. Like or comment option is missing.

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